Of course you can expect to find all types of roofing materials everywhere you go. It has been that way since many years back although the options were limited then. These days, two major categories of roofing materials do exist. It’s either the traditional roofing types or the modern ones. Traditional designs includes the clay and concrete tiles. Stone coated roofing tiles fall under the modern design and it’s our topic of the day. Deciding which of the tiles is best depends on the buyer and the needs required. In almost all the aspects however, stone coated steel tiles are superior to other tiles. That is probably why their popularity is rising and demand hiking up. Here are some of the benefits that makes these tiles preferable over other roof tiles.

  1. They are light

Lightweight building materials are trending. Builders want to build house using the least amount of materials to prevent bulkiness and present a classic outlook of a structure. Stone coated roof tiles are basically made of steel and coated with stone chippings to give it the natural look of stone tiles. Expect these tiles to have only 1.5 pounds of weight in every square foot built. Other tiles e.g. concrete tiles can go up to 10 pounds for every square foot. That makes them suitable for fixing even in renovation projects without having to replace the roof framework. No risk of tear-roof will be brought in and that saves on cost and ensures convenience.

  1. Efficient coat

Aluminium-zinc coat is not just for the sake of it. The coat is actually what makes these tiles be what they are. Stone coated roof tiles never break, cup, split or curl. They are also fire resistant and non-combustible. That is unlike the timber roof tiles ad some shingles. Against all odds, performance of the stone coated tiles gets better with age. You can count of your durable roof for many years to come. These tiles also don’t absorb moisture. It is credit to the efficient coat covering the tiles that all such superior features are brought up.

  1. Unique look

You can expect sound deadening and natural weathering features for stone coated roofing tiles. Stone chip coating gives the best natural look for your roof. These tiles are fading resistant and no need to paint the tiles. Different profiles are available. They include rustic shake and elegant tile profiles.

  1. Proven in performance

The roof is to resist leaking and other elements from above wind included. At its location up there, the exposure gives a harsh environment that leaves many roofing materials deteriorating with time. On the contrary, stone coated tiles remain intact and even improve with time. These tiles can resist high pressures of the wind, snow and heavy rain. Wind uplift is well prevented using the horizontal fastening of these tiles. Panels will interlock fully leaving no weak points.

Even when you want to move the tiles, it is super easy. For sure, stone coated steel roof tiles are considered the best for what they are. They surpass other roofing tiles and materials in aspects of durability, aesthetics, performance, maintenance and sustainability.