If you are looking for a topping Kenyan dealer in stone-coated roofing tiles, then keep calm and feel at home. This is the right place. Our tiles are top quality that guarantees durability, style and safety for decades. The service we deliver rhymes with the finest tiles that we offer. To confirm that, you just need to do business with us and we will not let you down. Our team of professionals are dedicated towards delivering the best service to our clients starting from ordering stage all the way to delivery. Our tiles are compatible with the climate experienced in Kenya. Our stock is ready with different options for the clients to choose from. You have all the reasons to come buy from us. We guarantee a superior experience with stress free service.

We give back the value of your money

It’s not common that you buy an item and forget about the money you gave. When you do, then you know that you got the right item you were looking for. Our tiles are proven in all aspects of durability, sustainability. Performance and easy construction. Once you move in to your new or renovated house, you won’t help but note the difference. So much is also notable even from the outside. Our clients only appreciate us for the top level service and top rated products that we deal with.

We help you save money

We don’t just give you value of your money, we help you keep more money. When tiles are small in size and in dimension, it calls for extra out pay to get a more complicated support structure. Well, we don’t offer the short tiles. Our tiles are longer which means less timber used in the truss frameworks.

Our tiles support your water harvesting project

We have heard issues in the past and even at the beginning of 2017 with water shortage causing water rationing around Nairobi city. Homeowners must be thinking of ways to harvest more rain water. Even then, some won’t even try that as the type of roofing materials they have are not safe. With our stone coated roof tiles, safety of water is guaranteed. You can collect as much water as you want without worrying about safety.

We offer infinite limited warranty

We are confident with our tiles as they are the finest in the market. For that, we make sure that the confidence grows even in our clients as well. We offer a lifetime limited warranty for every purchase. That is to say that our tiles will last for more than a century without getting damaged. The limited bit has to be brought in to prevent negligent based claims.

We offer free delivery within Nairobi

It’s what you want to hear. We know that transport costs can hike up and become a new cost eating more of your pocket. Well, that becomes insignificant once you decide to buy our stone coated roofing tiles and you are located within Nairobi. Delivery anywhere outside Nairobi will be for a small fee.

We offer the best tile gauge

Our tiles come in gauge 26 which is not something to take lightly. Other suppliers will offer over gauge 28 for conventional Galvalume steel-coated tiles.

Our prices are best and our performance in last deals is excellent. With us, you are guaranteed of full satisfaction by the time we are done serving you.