The world of roofing materials is an extensive one. There are those materials that have been always been used for roofing houses. Some others are coming up to join the league. They become relevant when you want to build a new house or has a renovation project. I suppose you have that already. Choosing the perfect roof is not something you do in seconds. You have to take our time and go through each option available checking the pros as well as the cons. A smart buyer will know the obvious option just by taking that route. To pin point which is the perfect match for your house, consider these tips.

Weather is a factor to never be taken for granted when it’s about roofs. And weather conditions vary with seasons and most importantly, with locations. Mother Nature can be harsh sometimes and that’s where the idea of houses came from. The roof you consider should be able to withstand the excessive forces coming from the external environment without allowing elements or anything into the house. Water and wind would be kept off the internal house environment. We Kenyans are fortunate not to experience the toughest of weather conditions including tornadoes and snow. However, heavy rainfall and scotch sun are not friendly to the roofs either. You still have to consider them and pick the strongest of all roofs to guarantee durability and safety.

Other than protecting the house from external elements, the roof also serves as a beautifying factor. Everybody wants to live in a classic house. Of course people have eyes and they will see the kind of roof you put up. Will they appreciate, remain dormant or walk away laughing? It all depends with the quality of roof you go for. People will even judge the entire house just by the look of the roof. The materials used, the color, the texture and everything about your roof should rhyme with the style and external finish of your home. Don’t construct a super modern house and have a traditional roof on it.

Cost is not fixed for every roof type you choose to go with. Some are cheap, others are affordable and others go up to unreasonable levels of cost. Of course your selected roof should be in line with the maximum cash you wish to spend on the project. Don’t however go for cost as the sole consideration. That’s because the cheaper options are not always the best. Buying price is not also the main determiner. The labor force to do the fixing, maintenance and the cost of putting up the support trusses should also come to play.

Of course a roof should be long lasting. But to what extent? Is it 10 years, 50 years or forever? What to look at is the cost of replacing the roof. If a roof is expected to last 10 years and another is to go up to 40 years, I don’t see the need to go for the previous. The latter will save you all the money of having to replace your roof 3 times by the time its 40 years.