There have been various advancement and improvement of architectural features of buildings in Kenya. Building materials have also been improved to suit the desired needs of a building. In Kenya, stone coated roofing tiles are greatly used for construction purposes.

Stone Coated roofing tiles

These tiles are coated with natural rock chips which are formed through volcanic activity and later taken to the quarries. The rock chips are embedded in a deep basecoat. The coatings present in the tiles provide natural beauty and attractive appearance to the roof. They are durable since the tiles are oven-baked.

Stone coated roofing tiles

Beautiful town houses roofed using the stone coated roofing tiles

Why are stone coated roofing tiles preferred over others?

The tiles have significantly increased in demand for the last ten years due to the following reasons:

Light and strong: These tiles save up to 40% on the roofing system. These tiles are a combination of natural stone and strength generated from zinc-alume coated steel. They can resist light weight earthquake and wind penetration.

Environmental friendly: They offer a natural stone finish and enhance saving in timber. They are also suitable for collecting rain water for domestic use.

They are quick to install: They save on labor cost, maintenance cost, breakages. Moreover, they can be installed quickly compared to other roofing materials.

Roofing tiles in kenya

These tiles possess a variety of colors hence have a very good appearance. The stone chip used does not fade over time since it is natural stone.

Greater durability: these tiles are not usually damaged over time from weathering or sunshine. Zinc alloy coats the steel core on both sides hence protecting the tiles from corrosion.

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Classical Maroon

There are other types of roofing materials in kenya that are discussed below:

  • Clay tiles

They are more popular in urban areas. They are very durable and acquire a nice color as they age. They are heavy and require more support wood for the roofing truss. They are recommended as the best materials for harvesting rain water since they are made of clay which is a natural filter. However, they can leak if they are not provided with an underlay felt of gauge iron-sheets.

  • Iron sheets

They are the most affordable to people of low income. They are suitable for brick houses. They save on timber usage since little timber is required in the truss and also they do not need underlay. Their lengths range from 1 meter to 10 meters.

They come in various range of colors such as blue, maroon, red etc. Iron sheets are prone to leaking thus require replacement after a given duration of time. Some of them require painting to prevent rusting after some time.

Factors to consider when selecting roofing material for your house in Kenya

Climate: Flat roofs are common in areas where there is low rainfall for example in northern eastern Kenya. Steep roofs are suitable in areas where there is high rainfall to increase the surface run-off of rain water.

Cost: Thatch roof is the cheapest in Kenya at 2 dollars per square meter. Concrete roofing tiles cost 4 dollars per square meter. The costs of iron-sheets, which are commonly used, vary depending on their sizes.

Theme design and shape of the roof: Concrete roofing tiles can be used for design of hipped roofs since there is less cutting and thus reduced wastage. Gable roofs can be erected using any type of roofing material.