We deal in supply of high quality UV treated PVC gutters in Kenya that are highly durable, cannot be affected by direct sunlight and are fit for water harvesting and human consumption. They are double layered with a 5.2 inches trough gap. Available in White colour.

Price is Ksh 1600/ 4 metre long.

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pvc gutters in kenyaHave you considered installing PVC gutters in Kenya? PVC is a strong type of plastic that is replacing the use of conventional materials like wood and metal in many industries. Many homes in Kenya have metal gutters but plastic gutters in Kenya are slowly taking over.

For a long time, many homeowners have considered gutters to be aesthetically unappealing. It can be hard to maintain the seamless aesthetic beauty of your home if you have downspout pipes and gutters on your roof. However, that is a thing of the past now with PVC gutters in Kenya.

Benefits of PVC gutters over metal gutters:

Most homes in Kenya have aluminum gutters.  Aluminum was preferred before because it was light, strong and durable. However, the discovery of PVC gutters has revolutionized the industry completely. PVC is a much better material to use for gutters because;

Our Core PVC Gutter Products that we Stock:


If you are looking to replace those old, corroded and leaking tin and aluminum gutters in your home it is time you made a switch to PVC gutters in Kenya. These plastic gutters in Kenya are highly adaptable and can be molded to any design and in any color to suit the design and exterior of your home.

We are the go-to company when it comes to getting quality and affordable PVC gutters in Kenya. We custom make the gutters to perfectly fit your home so leaks become a thing of the past. Our gutters are made of high-quality PVC so they come with all the characteristics you desire in plastic gutters.

Gutter maintenance is a hassle for many people and most of the time the gutters go unnoticed until it’s too late. This is why most homeowners are turning to PVC gutters that are maintenance free. Blocked gutters and downspouts are a thing of the past with PVC gutters.

Our experienced technicians are always on standby waiting to explain anything you would like to know about our PVC gutters. Overtime as metal gutters get old, they start to rust, leak, and look really unsightly. It is also common for the metal fasteners to break off causing the gutter to hand precariously and make your home look really unkempt. With PVC gutters in Kenya, you will be able to escape all these problems.

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