Construction industry is one of the leading in Kenya. You can expect there are many material suppliers well represented in the country. A crucial element in construction is the roof. Whether you are considering a residential or commercial building, a new or a renovation project, getting the right materials on the roof is essential. You add value to the building in terms of functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Kenya is rich in roofing materials made locally. Buyers have the freedom of choice to pick which materials are best for their projects. And so is the case when it’s about picking the companies that sell these roofing materials. Check out several top rated roofing materials commonly used in Kenya.

Stone coated roofing tiles

It’s what we deal with at our company here. That is so particularly because we are the best working with the best. Walk around Nairobi and Kenya as a whole and you will realize these are the trending roofing materials. They undergo special treatments during manufacturing to guarantee durability, beauty, sustainability and workability.

That is made possible via the coatings covering the volcanic-formed rock chips. With these tiles being oven-0baked, durability is guaranteed as well. The natural look is also key to the eye-catching view you will have on your project. These tiles are environmentally friendly, quick and easy to install, light but strong. You can easily see why the demand for these tils is ever rising.

Iron sheets

They also form part of the roofing materials adopted in Kenya. In most cases, they are seen as suitable options by low-income earners. That is due to the high affordability. Brick houses are also best suited in this regard. When compared to the usual clay tiles, iron sheets save on roof timber support framework. There is also no need for underlay materials.

With small width overlaps, the roof is waterproof. Roofing sheets also offer a wide range of options with sheet sizes, color and even cost. Corrosion is however the biggest drawback. Appearance of the roof is also not classic when compared to the stone coated roofing tiles.

Clay tiles

These are also popular roofing materials especially in the urban areas. Kenya is clay-rich and you can expect there is plenty of supply of these tiles. With age, these tiles gain a beautiful color unlike roofing sheets that deteriorate with time. Durability is the feature that make them likeable. Their weight however is not the best. Due to their heaviness, they call for super support in trusses and roof framework. Even with overlaps provided, clay tile roofs can easily leak and hence the need for underlay materials e.g. gauged polythene.

With these being the topping roofing materials in Kenya, one has to base the decision made on particular considerations. Every project is different. However, factors including cost, climate and roof shape and quality of service by suppliers are to be considered whenever you are to purchase roofing materials. Be sure that stone coated roofing tiles will do an excellent job. They are worth the consideration without regrets.