Kenya is on the list of developing countries. That said, construction is red hot and suppliers of building materials are in plenty. Roofing tiles suppliers form part of that and that’s where we come in. we specialize in stone coated roofing tiles. Are you thinking of undertaking a project that will involve some new roofing works or renovations? If yes, then you must deal with at least several roof tile suppliers before you can land on the best one. It is the recommended way to go. Interview several and pick the best of all. There are features that should make the best supplier. Instead of settling with the first supplier, try and pick out these features as discussed hereof.

Roofing tiles are available in all types. There are those considered best and those often faulty. Here, durability, aesthetics, color, texture, materials used, corrosion resistance and what have you are to be brought into one basket. Quality tiles will be favored by all the best features while faulty ones will receive blessing from the negative features. If the tiles are proven to be premium quality, then that’s one reason to buy from the supplier in question.

Supplying roofing tiles to buyers is one thing. How you supply to them is another thing. Just because a supplier has the best tiles does not automatically mean that he/she will supply them as you like it. Getting the best products and being served to satisfaction are two things that should go hand in hand. You cannot afford regrets later on, after you have already made an irreversible deal. Check if a supplier can guarantee top level service even before you make the purchase. At our company, be sure you will receive personalized service that will see all your worries solved.

We are talking about bulky materials here. Even for a small project, the roofing tiles will have to be delivered in plenty. Determining the amount of area to be covered will be done by your cost engineer or quantity surveyor. With the proper area, you can easily get the estimated number of roofing tiles required for your project. A nice roofing tile supplier will eliminate the burden of delivery services. Delivery services especially within Nairobi should be free of charge. Any other location outside the city should go for a small fee.

Kenyans are known to be economical. That’s because they want to see the best value for their money. You will find more customers at the doorstep of suppliers with reduced prices. Suppliers with high prices are not appealing as buyers have budget limits that hold them back. Count us in for best prices. You will get our stone coated roofing tiles at affordable prices.

Without a portfolio of past projects where the supplier has supplied their tiles, you should be wary. We are proud to be part of the best projects there is in Kenya where we were the suppliers of roofing tiles. We can do it for your project too.