Kenya is rich for many things and a diverse roof materials availability is one of them. Although roofing materials do not receive the attention other house elements may receive, they are still crucial parts of the building structure. Without a roof, a house can only be seen to be half built. Expect to see many options in the roofing market. If you are to undertake a re-roofing project or build a new house, knowing in advance what material to use for the roof is vital. The roof is not just there to cover up the house. The best roofing material will go beyond that and add value to your home by introducing some classic style. To know which roofing materials are best for your project, understanding both sides of each option is the way to go. Check the details below.

It is still an option even though it is not recommended especially in Kenya. This option has its benefits including ease of installation, affordable to many and flexibility in style and colors. These are promising features that are enough to force you pick asphalt as your roofing material. The outlook is modern and upgraded. However, asphalt is not the best for water harvesting which is something Kenyans love to do.

Roofing sheets can be made of metal. It’s an obvious option in Kenya. People are used to iron sheets in almost all building projects. But are they are right options though? That depends. Metal roofs are in different styles. There are standing seams, corrugated sheets, and other profiles are brought in as well. Metal roofs are common in the commercial, residential and even industrial building. They are available in pre-painted and non-painted sheets. They fit comfortably even in the modern architectural designs. Performance is top level but the cost can be high.

They appear to be tiles but these are thin layered. Even with their slim feature, they still guarantee durability for many years. They are reliable and natural to give a unique style to the house at large. Consider slate roof a compliment when they are on your house. Their long-lasting and beautiful nature gives them all the points. On the other side, you have to be ready with enough cash to have such a roof on your home. They are expensive.

These ones combine the old and the modern taste. The appearance is natural and one can easily mistake them for the traditional tiles made of clay or concrete. It’s only the coat that gives the natural appearance. Deep below, its steel covered with aluminium-zinc coat. That makes the tiles corrosion and moisture resistant. These tiles guarantee high performance, durability, unique appearance and they are lightweight. Prices are also set considerably at our company. We can deliver these kind of tiles to you anywhere in Nairobi for free.

Options do not end here. Others include clay tiles, wood tiles and concrete tiles. When each option is well installed, then performance is guaranteed. That is one feature roofing options have in common.